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2003-09-08 - 12:06 a.m.

I played 2 sets: one downstairs and one upstairs. They had free food and booze but I can’t partake before a set. It really slows me down.

I got all confused and shit about when I was supposed to play the second set. I mean, I truly had my head way into my ass. But check this out: stalling equals grandstanding. Todd Barry was lookin’ from stage for me and I was watching funny guy downstairs with my dumb-dumb blinders on until Julie found me blissful and stupid and took me upstairs.

Downstairs was a rough crowd but upstairs I rocked that fuckin’ boat. Maybe it was the breeze, maybe it was the wait, maybe it was ladies’ energy but I took them to my stage and played best I could. I rocked the stupid right out of me.

Have you seen Fred Armisen? He’s hilarious. I watched him from the balcony above while highballing a Poland Spring.

I saw Rachel Dratch there but no Poehler. No sweet, angel-faced Poehler.

I double-thanked Benjamin, Barry, and Cross and received twenty combinations of right-on handshakes from Mr. Show.

I love when folks like my work. I love it when those folks tell me what they’re doing. I met some guys who have a troupe out in Staten Island. They were telling me about what they do( I’m not talking about the drunk “I do it, too” bullshit. I’m talking about guys excited about doing stuff and wanting to tell you about it. That shit’s cool.

I got a cab and went home where I played two more sets: one with the Golden Vipers and one with Alice Wakeman, the unfinished rock opera. I slept real good.



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