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2003-08-19 - 9:28 a.m.

Lately, I've been wondering how I'm gonna get to my out of town shows with no car. I get lucky and Jake drives Mary's car or Kittenpants wants to go or Una's got a circus day off. Sometimes, I break my bank and rent a car. This time, the magic of that friendster site came through.

Eugene Mirman ( a show in Boston on the bulletin board. So I caught a ride with him and Holly. Holly brought snacks. She's real thoughtful.

I always wanted to hang out with Eugene. And I did. He "majored" in Comedy at Hampshire College. He's using his major, doing stand-up at Tinkle and other venues. He's got funny.

I was asleep when news of the power going out came on the radio. When I was alerted to it I noticed Boston wasn't hit. I also grabbed my cell to call my boss and laugh over the phone. But I couldn't get service.

Roy Rogers is a wonderful shithole. I got fried chicken. It was good and shitty. I can't eat right before a show or I'll vomit. It's good for a show but bad for my stomach. I gotta eat better. I'm in terrible shape.

Eugene came over here from Russia. I didn't bring up Yakov and I'm sure he's grateful for that.

I like watching the ladies run by the river in Boston.



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