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2003-08-13 - 11:52 a.m.

This is an email I received from Gary, who came to the Boston show:

I had a great time at your part of the show, I wanted to hang out but I didn't think you were into it so I left and went to a bar in Brighton. Holy crap, we were loaded, I got a 40 dollar ticket for a bad parking job at the show, no problem, Larry picked it up because parking in that place was his idea. He's a very cool kid, anyways, we are feeling good, talking hanging out. Talking to chicks, getting numbers, drinking. Good night so far. The place closes and Larry is talking to this girl outside, he roommate leaves her there and she asks us for a ride home. I didn't care I was shit faced, she invited us up to her place. So we went. She was talking about her mom being a master Riky or something. sure what ever that is. She hung out for a little while and was like I am going to bed. Larry goes, dude, lets get out of here. Larry has never had a one night chick before. We were whispering because this girl was in bed. "Larry get your ass in there right now." should I "get IN THERE!" so he goes in and about 20 seconds later she was morning all over the place. Now I have never been in this position before. I am the one not getting ass. (that sounds bad because I dont get ass all the time) I have never been the one who doesn't have a chick to play with. So I start snooping around, I don't find anything but her roommates bed room is directly above hers. I want to check it out but I dont want to get caught. This girl is moaning really loud. Snooping around not finding anything good. I go back down stairs and they are still going at it. I open the door really slow mind you I can't see very well. I get on my hand and knees and crawl in to the bed room really stealth like. I am 6'7 on the floor at the foot of the bed curled up in a ball hoping no one sees me, giggling as quietly as I can because I am the funniest basted I have ever scene sometimes and I always find myself in the most ridicules situations. I take a quick peek and larry has this girls legs over her head! I reached up and grabbed his foot. Scared the piss out of him but we were fighting off the laughter. He was like, how did you get in here? But I was stuck, I was in there about a half our and I was like I need to get out of here. I started crawling (I need to skip some details because her self just came home) toward the door and I farted really loud. I was holding it in since we got there. Immediately her head popped up and I got caught. I was sent out of the room. The next day Larry called and said, did last night really happen? We haven't stopped laughing about it since. Everyone we had told (that knows up) thinks its the funniest story ever. Larry said it may be some Corn mo magic, maybe but I didn't get laid... One of the best nights Larry and I had togther and we have had some great nights. So thanks for starting us out right! I hope we can do it again sometime but maybe next time you can sneke in there too. hahaha now tell me about Irish Breakfast!!!



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