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2003-06-16 - 3:37 p.m.

Washington, DC:

The 930 Club is amazing. Everyone there is cool and does their job well. I got my own room with beer and dinner and they remembered my settings from the show the previous month. And a host of friends from the area came to the show including my exgirlfriend, Jei, her husband and old friend, Brian, my old roommate, Ted, Astronaut Mike, and my cousin, Nancy, who I haven't seen since the 7th grade.

Astronaut Mike use to call every time the space shuttle went into orbit because he'd always begin, "Hey, did you see the space shuttle go up?" I think he has the autograph of every astronaut and almost every cosmonaut alive.

Those Polyphonic's sure are nice. And so's that Patrick Park.

I hooked up my friends with all my free beer and soda and still two-fisted like I enjoy doing after shows.

Afterwards, I stayed at my cousin's house and slept on her inflatable. She's real nice.

I'll think of cooler stuff that happened and revise this entry.



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