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2003-06-09 - 3:00 p.m.

I almost finished my Rush tribute song. I've been working on it a while. I got home yesterday from Boston and started playing it on my keyboard. I watched some tv and ate and sat down to get it sounding like a song. I'm glad Ocean's 11 wasn't on tv. That movie sucks me in every time it's on. I like well-planned ideas and that heist is very well-planned.

When I was back in Texas playing with some other fellows someone started playing Rush songs and then everyone who denied their Rush started in, also. It was a wet dream until Sam stopped and said, "You know if we keep doing this, we'll never get laid." I don't know any Rush tribute bands in America but there's one in Ottawa for sure.

I'm supposed to be working on a song for this clown, also. It's done except for recording.

I've got a video I showed at the Kittenpants party. I want to put it up on the site but I haven't figured out how to do that, yet.

The Rush song should be ready when I get back from travelling in July. I'll probably do it at the North Six show.

I gotta get my room ready tonight for Tyler, my subletter. He's a real nice guy. He works at Rocks Off with Jake, the guy I grill cheese for.

I can't wait to get to Paris for nothing else but those beef sticks called Bi Fi. If you took Slim Jim and made it a high-end beef stick it would be Bi Fi. It's so good.

Hopefully, I'll get a show in England other than the Glastonbury Festival 'cause there's some folks that can't get into that show.

When people quit work I get their magazines 'cause I do the mail. I got a Rolling Stone, a Bazaar, a Lucky, and an Elle. Besides the RS, I wouldn't buy these mags but I'm going on the road this week and they'll be good company.

"Hello, Bazaar magazine. You feel like talkin'?"

The girl on Lucky looks like this girl at work.

I wonder when chimps cry how the tears feel on their face with fur and all. Bigfoot cries a lot. I bet cavemen did, too, since they didn't have someone to tell them to suck it in.

"Let it turn!"


"Drink it. It's the spirit of the deer."

I'd love to hear a cast commentary on Red Dawn. I was ready for that shit to happen when I was a kid. I thought a lot about where I could run and hide. I thought who would be in my group to take back America. I thought about how I should have tried harder for my Wilderness Survival merit badge. It's exciting to think about that stuff. It makes a good story. Two people from that movie have had some kind of nose job: Swayze and Grey. They should do another movie together. Not some Lifetime movie, though. Those movies are a waste of film.

I saw Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart the other day on my way to pick up my new shirts. Harrison Ford is awesome. If I were in a movie with him I'd want him to kick my ass, and say something to me as he shakes the hurt off his hand, "I hate Triple H" or something like that. I didn't say anything to him 'cause he was all into his girlfriend and I'm sure he doesn't need me to tell him how cool he is.



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