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2003-06-08 - 7:22 p.m.

I played last night in Boston at the Paradise with The Polyphonic Spree and Patrick Park. It was nothing short of fucking magic.

There was a real good crowd and I was on fire. That place has excellent sound and an excellent staff. If you ever go there and see a tall, blonde man named Billy Budd, buy him a Budweiser 'cause he deserves it. He stage manages the place and made sure everything was in good order.

Patrick Park is amazing. He has fake nails on his right hand so he can make finger-pick thunder on his guitar. I love John Denver and he reminded me of him a lot. And he's real nice.

When the Spree showed up, it was cool to see Toby and Joe and folks I hadn't seen in a while. They put on an amazing show. If you've never seen them you HAVE TO SEE THEM.

I had people buying me beer, patting me on the back, and the Spree dedicated a Bowie cover to me. It was a perfect night.



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