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2003-05-25 - 1:19 p.m.

I've been working at the Mission on Tuesdays for my friend Jake making grilled cheese sandwiches on the Foreman grill. It's been fun being that guy that's making them. Jake played some metal and some Corn Mo and the tv played Headbanger's Ball and I drank Rheingold for free.

So, I'd sing along with my favorites, making the cheese sandwich, having a good time.

The last time I worked though it sucked. The metal disappeared, the tv played "Stoned Age", no one was buyin' my grilled cheese.

And I'm fucking tired and I just did a bad show in front of NBC execs earlier that evening.

Then, this guy at the end of the bar goes, "Hey, you look bored."

"It's cause I am."

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"Yeah. I'll have what you're havin'."

"Can you watch my drink while I smoke?"


Okay, now previous to this, there was this fellow who brought a bag of mini-marshmallows and Twizzlers to my work station.

"I brought them for the party," he said real nice and slow.

So, I made that dude that gave me the Red Stripe the best fucking sandwich while he smoked:

a shitload of butter on the bread

white American cheese

and mini marshmallows.

He came back.

"Hey, man, have a free sandwich."


"This is the best fucking grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had."

"Dude, I fucking put marshmallows in it."

He high-fived me.

My night got a little better.



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