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2003-05-24 - 9:13 p.m.

>From: Gary in Boston

>Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 15:54:21 -0400

dude, I get the RBI baseball thing but why is "corn mo" funny? What were some of the other players names? I played that game in college. My players names wrote out a short story about my roommates mom. It was his game and he got pissed about the story and deleted my team. I saw the kimmel show, nice work. Gary

>From: Corn Mo

>Date: Sometime later

It's not really that funny but 13 years ago I was easy to please. Some reason I thought corn was the best word and the mo came from the Mighty Mo truck series. I like your team better. It was my roommate's game, also. His dog tore shit up all over the house and left fleas for us to bomb. After he moved out we bombed again and went and saw Beauty and The Beast at the dollar theater. The only other name I can remember was Mamuqo. He was named after that voodoo guy in Major League.

I'd like to think my names would be funnier if I made them up now. One reason I kept the name Corn Mo is because it's such a stupid name that if anything ever happened like getting on tv and shit that it wouldn't go to my head to much as in "Yeah, you're on fuckin tv but you're name is Corn Mo."


Corn Mo



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