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2003-05-24 - 2:05 p.m.

I was still tired from my flight from LA but so ready to open for heroes. They Might Be Giants and Brave Combo and Weird Al are why I'm playing accordion. And there's Evan Lurie and other shit I like but TMBG and Combo are the biggest.

When I was watching "Kids in the Hall" and Buddy Cole was stranded on a deserted island he wanted "That's What Friends Are For" for his one album. And I thought, "What would be the one album I could listen to over and over and not get tired of?" I love Queen, Van Halen, Kid Rock, Jeff Buckley, Kiss, and so on but the Flood album was the one. For deserted island. And hang out with Ben Franklin. And my lady would be the two girls from Charles in Charge. Now.

When I walked into the Bowery I saw TMBG soundcheck and I smiled and was real happy. There they were. Fucking awesome.

The sound guy, Kenny, has his own fishing show on channel 56, Thursdays at 8. I know this cause I saw a copy of Fisherman on his console and asked him where to fish in Brooklyn. Me my co's are gonna go sometime: take the Q to Sheepshead Bay; boats leave at noon, one, and seven pm; you come with nothing and they give you a pole, bait, and they chum the area, filet your fish and you go home $30 less but with dinner you caught.

I was told I'd play 40 minutes then it went to 30 then 25. What's going on? So I played the set list I made to begin with and everything was cool. I said, "Tell me when my last song comes" and it never came. And I rocked as hard as I could with the no-sleep feeling still around. Like when a Young Gun Regulator is full of holes and he can still fire a round into Palance.

I was worried about getting TMBG fans into me but I think they liked it.

Then after, I hung out with friends, went downstairs to piss and saw David Cross and John Glaser, said "hi", checked my merch table, pissed, bought 2 beers (cause I only had 2 tickets left)gave one to Cross (I wish I'd bought one for the great John Glaser)and yelled, "Drinkin' with Glaser and Cross watchin' They Might Be Giants! Fuck Yeah!"

Then, after the show, I talked with John Flansburg who is really nice. Really nice. John Linnel wasn't there. And then I was leaving and said bye to everyone and David Cross goes, "You're leaving?"


"If I bought you a beer would you stay?"

I couldn't hold my smile in and said "Okay."

He's so fucking nice and good.

It's been a good week.



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