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2003-05-13 - 5:58 p.m.

I played with Mary Prankster in DC the other night. Damn, she is so nice. Her boyfriend drove me down and we hit balls at batting cages and listened to Monster Magnet and Turbonegro on the way and ate shitty food.

She let me share her dressing room with her and I got fed and got beer and nice people all around. Her dad is the shit. What a wonder of a man.

Those people that work at the 930 Club are fucking awesome. Always nice and always helpful.

And her fans: Holy Shit. They are fucking gold. Really nice folks from the DC area. I had such a good time.

Those kids allowed me to rock the shit out of them. That doesn't happen everyday.

I feel like I'm kissing the ass of everyone that night and I am.



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