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2003-05-06 - 9:21 a.m.

I played at the Upright Citizens Brigade benefit the other night. There was some sketch comedy and some punk bands.

I hung out with Scott Rana at the door and squeezed some on the road stories out of him. Ladies love cool Rana. And I miss Andrew Rana's moustache.

Then, the hot Amy Poehler came in. Man, the UCB show on Comedy Central was so damn funny. I love funny, hot lady.

Before I went on, she introduced me as if she'd heard of me before. How the fuck does she know who I am? And then I played and I watched her watch me play and dude, I think she wanted me.

I mean, if you've ever played a show and saw sparkle in a lady eye then you know what I mean.

I may be making all this up but I so wanted it to be true. And my idea for the make-out interview show popped back in my head.

"You know you look like Beverly D'Angelo only better?"

"Really? How long have you played accordion?"

"This interview isn't about me. It's all you, girl."

(Make out on top of VW Golf Rabbit).

She bought a cd from me and Matt Besser fucking bought two. Damn, she's so hot. He's a fucking riot, too. I love that sketch about camp where Besser drinks all the bug juice.

Man, it's cool to be Corn Mo. I shit you not.



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