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2003-03-26 - 5:30 p.m.

I played with Loudermilk and Merciano last night. It was an okay show. Folks were into the show except for a couple of little girl scenesters in the very front. I tried to rock the shit out of them but it was like a dog barking at a dead eagle.

I drank at the end of the bar with my half-ass attempt to sell merchandise (laying a cd next to my beer with an email list and draping a t-shirt over the chair next to me). I sold some stuff and met some good folks and then I went to the bathroom and chatted up with the drunky girl who was cleaning up something she did in the stall next to my urinal. Then the guy peeing next to me pulled down the flier above his urinal and asked me to sign it.

I got 3 free beers and a handshake. It was a good night.



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