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2003-03-21 - 2:39 p.m.

I tried to work on my taxes last night but fell asleep. It was my first night that I wasn't playing this week. I think. I laid down to relax a little and fell asleep and woke at 1 and was still tired. I got so much shit to do.

I sent David Cross another idea. I feel like a bother when I send him shit but when he sends something back positive I feel real good. So I keep doing it. He doesn't need me to give him ideas because he's Mr. Show. He's David Cross. But it sure feels cool to send him shit.

Here's the idea:

"'I'm the Party' or 'Hey, Check this shit out'

"Me, you and some other folks (you pick) and a mini dv camera go on the road (I'm setting/getting set up a tour/tours) and after the show or even no shows we just go to small towns with the camera, find a bar, find a party and you become 'that guy' at the party who is making kids 'piss' their pants (sorry for all the quotation marks) and we take a shitload of release forms and I can hold a camera pretty well and just film you being the ultimate comedian-going to some stranger's backyard that doesn't know you and being the funniest shit they have ever seen.

"It could be like David Blaine's video. We just edit the shit that don't work and leave in the gold.

And then I added in the next email,

"You in some stranger's living room, 'No, hey, listen to this . . .'

"And hear other drunk party folks say shit like 'Hey you guys come in here. This guy is funny as shit!' 'Hey man, say that shit you just told me again.'

"And maybe if it got out of hand you could tell the camera before the party-crash, 'My goal tonight is to talk some guy into taking a shit in the fireplace.' And he does. And it's on video.

"One time in TX, me and some friends went to some party and we didn't know anyone and most of the crowd was 10 years younger. My friend Tommy felt so uncomfortable that he started making fart noises every time someone came into the living room. Nobody laughed at him except my other friend Rich, who was doubled-over, red in the face from laughing. At one point, a college boy said, 'Please stop. That was kind of funny the first time you did it but now it's annoying.' And he didn't stop.

"It's juvenile."

When I get no response, I go back to the drawing board.



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