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2003-03-18 - 1:48 p.m.

I recorded with Todd last night. He got a nice studio in midtown where Michael Jackson recorded. The Rolling Stones recorded "Tattoo You" there, also. The cool thing for me was the grand piano.

I tried to sound good but I'm not that good of a piano player and I had to do 2 takes. I like being a one take Jonny.

My solo was pretty straight forward rock piano with some wrong notes but I argued that it "teetered on wrong and never falls". I hope he likes it. It got hot in the recording room and I started thinking about Zakk Wylde and what he would do, so I took my shirt off and recorded like that. Not that it was anything crazy but it helped me loosen up. At the end of the song I punched the shit out of the keys and yelled, "Fuck Yeah!" I like playing piano and someday, I'm gonna be real good.



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