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2003-01-21 - 6:21 p.m.

During the holidays, I was at my parents and one night I couldn't sleep and got up and went to the computer and emailed David Cross an idea for a musical based on his new album "Shut Up You Fucking Baby". Against my better judgement at 3:00 am I sent the email. I got a response the next day:


I have to catch my breath.

That's an amazing idea and would be very appealling as just sort of what you

wrote. like a five minute preview of this wonderfull new musical that's

sweeping the nation (or at least the northeast).

Good idea that.

Here's a question for you - Todd Barry and Jon Benjamin and myself are starting

up a Sunday night comedy show at Piano's or The Piano Bar (something like that -

I know it has the word piano in it) on Ludlow between Stanton and Rivington.

Won't you participate? The first show is on January 12th and then subsequent

sundays after that. I think the first might be all booked up, but how about

after that?

Huh? How 'bout it?


Holy Shit! How fucking cool was that? I almost cried and at least got a little teary eyed. That was the fucking coolest thing that could happen to me. Well, I did his show this past Sunday and he's gonna have me back. I feel awkward around him 'cause he's David Cross. He's fucking generous. Really fucking generous to let me play his show. And the coolest part was him introducing me: "I first saw this next act in Atlanta and-" My friends yelled "Corn Mo!"

"What if it isn't Corn Mo?"


I think he was a little frustrated and said, "Ladies and Gentleman the Great Corn Mo"

I was so damn nervous that I forgot to plug my accordion in until halfway through "Busey Boy" but I think I did okay.

After the show I went and thanked him and Todd Barry and Jon Benjamin. They're all really nice folks.

I sent David another email thanking him and got this response:


You will grace us again."

Fuckin' A.



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