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2002-08-18 - 8:40 p.m.

I got up.

I waited til other people got up.

I walked with Noah, Silvia, and Nick to a place called "Sylvia's" and had breakfast: egg, bacon, toast, toastie, ham, black pudding, take care.

It rained.

I saw some stand up. Comics like to point me out because I got long hair.

"Hey, it's Ted Nugent's retarded brother." - Jeffrey Ross

"Hey, it's Greg Allman." - comic in Dallas who sounds like Garfield.

"Hey, you should date that girl cause she's drinking pig's blood(bloody mary)" - the guy I saw today.

There were 5 standups. There was some funny things said. One guy was pretty bad until he started stuttering. He really stuttered. And he started talking about his problem and I laughed at him. Wow.

There was a girl who played ukelele and sang. She was okay. She talked about the problem of being English with an American accent. It's like being disabled but you're not or something. It's almost a trend I see with people saying they are not proud to be American over here. Who fucking cares? I can't stand GW Bush or Toby Keith but I'm not going to apologize for being American. Fuck you.

I ate another pie today. Not a whole pie.



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