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2002-08-14 - 9:58 p.m.

We had six people in the audience last night that included a flatmate, Steve the producer and his friend. But we did a good show. Nick cracked me up again. After, we were feeling good about the show so we got drinks at the bar. It was stars and stripes night so the bartenders donated their tips to the FDNY and Bud's were on sale. I really like my Swiss French friends. Nick got drunk and asked them how they would fight a war.

Then we went to a kebab house where Bret and Noah hit on some drunk lassies.

"This is Dallas from Leister."

"I'm from Dallas."

Both were "Girls Gone Wild" ready. Both lifted their shirts and the Turkish cooks enjoyed that but not drunky Noah pulling his pants down and dancin' with his crack to the lassies. Then, after some video of dinner, Noah said out loud, "I gotta wash my hands."

"Me, too," said drunk lass number 2.

So, they went to the loo and were followed by 2 cooks who knew they weren't washing hands with soap. I got my camera to catch them coming out of the bathroom busted by the cook. One cook said, "Yes, hurry, go, good idea!" And I ran down and was nayed by the no-no, tick-tock finger of another cook.

They told us they were closing. Liars.

We came home and watched the tape and laughed ourselves to slumber.



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