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2000-10-29 - 14:36:03

We played at an art school from 11:45 am to about 2:00 pm. It was a good crowd. It was in a tent and some people came and went. Una didn't get to perform because it was a low tent. The plates go cut out because of time, also. I tried "Maybe Tonite" but my keys were sticking so I just played "Busey Boy" and "My Epilady" and gave out my e-mail address. I need to update my site and make it kick ass for the kids.

I'm in Toledo now. the home of Corporal Klinger. I just heard an Aerosmith song I've never heard. It's epic and it kicks ass. I would love to do a large arena.

I wonder if I would benefit from running up a hill or garbage dump at dusk. Would I hang around? Maybe the romance of "getting home" for dinner makes it a good idea. Would I go for inspiration? Would I only receive the songs of Huey Lewis? If I did then I would hope for a meatloaf dinner and "Back to the Future" when I got home.



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